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Ultra Violet Filtration

Ultra violet can be very damaging, causing fading and discolouration over a period of time, damage that is irreversible. The lighter the room in which the frame hangs, the higher the risk that over a prolonged period of time, items will fade. Avoid hanging pictures on a wall where they will be in direct sunlight, this will help to minimise fading. Daylight is the most damaging, with fluorescent lighting also emitting a high amount of light in the UV range, tungsten lighting in comparison emits around 4% of its light in the UV range.

UV Filtration glass screens out more than 90% of the harmful rays, which will slow the damaging effect. The brand we use is called True Vue, visually it is the same as normal float glass. Other companies offer glazing with Styrene which they claim absorbs UV light, it does, but it turns opaque in the process! It scratches easily & in most cases is only used because its cheaper & virtually unbreakable, meaning lower packaging costs to the supplier!!